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Where those in the awakening process and ASCENDers receive in-depth, professional energy balancing sessions each week to manage the day to day stress of life and manage awakening symptoms
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The ASCEND Membership is the only one of it's kind!

  • Addresses the 7 main chakras 

  • Addresses the 6 secondary chakras (Including the past life Chakra)

  • Addresses the 9 transpersonal chakras

  • Addresses 9 auras (Ex. Astral body, Soul star, Stellar gateway, Karmic, etc)

  • Addresses all 5 dental meridians

  • Addresses all 12 main meridians

  • Address 8 extraordinary meridians

One area will be thoroughly and professionally addressed each week.

In addition:

  1. Receive a weekly group Reiki session

  2. Receive energetic encouragements added to your energy field each week

  3. Receive customized affirmations to enhance each week's sessions

  4. Receive a professionally conducted manifestation session to support the topic

  5. Get an energetic shield of protection added or re-activated each week

Awakening does not need to result in anxiety, depression, fatigue, or unease. 

Meet your healer:

Hi! I'm Lisa! I would say I'm what's called a learning addict. I'm a "Christian" mother of 8 and began my awakening journey about 20 years ago. That progressed over time and I soon found that spiritual awakening is not for the faint of heart. In the last decade I've become:
     Aware, Awake, Enlightened, and continuing my Ascension journey.
     Gained certifications in the Emotion Code, the Body Code, Reiki Master, Transformational life coaching, NLP, Cognitive              repatterning, and more. 
     Co-developed the Global Energy Method with my husband which incorporates 11 energy healing modalities into one                    comprehensive method.

     Aquired a Master's Degree in Health Psychology an actively conducting Ph.D. research on the importance of emotion                   identification for health. 

Weekly sessions are done every Sunday morning.
Are you ready to trade anxiety and processing symptoms for peace, clarity, and mental balance?

$19.90 Per Month
(Cancel anytime)

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