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Infinity Healer Membership

Never feel alone in your business again! 

Before I tell you about this life-changing Membership, let me ask you a question...

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  • Are you tired of feeling alone in business?

  • Are you tired of knowing that there is a world of need, but you can't seem to figure out how to turn that need into clients?

  • Do you feel like there is more to this healing path than just 1 or 2 modalities?

  • Are you tired of acquiring certifications just to hear about the next new shiny thing a week later?

  • Are you ready to transform your life, your client's life, and your business?

If you said yes ...

The Infinity Healer Membership is for YOU! Inside this one-of-a-kind membership, you will find. 

  • A super supportive, super active, and abundant-minded community of energy healers from all over the globe!

  • Training and certification in the evolutionary energy modality, The Global Energy Method!

  • Templates and swipe files that make your job as a business owner easier and less time-consuming!

  • Case studies of real topics, real clients, or real research to support a real understanding of energy healing. (Oh, and you can submit to have a client reviewed if you come across a difficult client)

  • Live group sessions are designed for self-healers that you can use as a guide for how to conduct a group session yourself. 

  • Access to Lisa, a global practitioner with a multi-six-figure business! (And did I say, she holds nothing back...all secrets revealed!)

  • Monthly live Q&As to get all those difficult questions asked...and answered! (Nothing is off the table)

  • And, so much more!

Did you say yes to any of those questions?

if so you are in the right place, my friend! The Infinity Healer Membership is the ONLY one of it's kind teaching comprehensive, innovative, and evolutionary healing....all while supporting you as a business owner and helping you grow into a successful full-time energy healer! (Oh, and there is a big surprise inside too)

Inside the Global Energy Method Training,
You will learn :

Physical Specialty and Master Practitioner 


With the Physical Specialty (the final specialty) you will gain Master Practitioner certification (upon completion of all certification requires)

The Physical Specialty Includes: 

  • Body Systems - This very in-depth training goes into detail in clearing all 13 body systems and all their individual, and intricate parts. Including 
    • Neurotransmitters - Detailed identification and balancing training for over 10 types of neurotransmitters. 
    • Neuron signal disruptions - Learn how to identify and correct these signals to and from organs and systems. 
    • Physical trauma energies - Learn to identify the energy from these physical traumas and how to address them for your client.
    • Excess Energies - In this training, you'll go in-depth learning how to address all excess energies including stress and inter-lukins. 
    • Toxicity - This goes past the normal energy healing ability and dives deep into heavy metals with 60 types of metals identified. In addition, discover how to find and address chemical toxicity, vaccination toxicity, food toxicity, and so, so, so much more!
    • Nutritional Imbalances/Excesses - Dive deep into the nutritional imbalances and excesses that your clients experience and learn how to support optimal health! 


Couple all this with the community support, templates, case studies, and support and this is quite easily the BEST membership for Energy Healers available. 

Will you join today?
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