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Hair Analysis - Full Package

Hair Analysis - Full Package


There is no hair analysis on the market like this one! This revolutonary test covers almost double the amount if items that most test include. Using a bioresonance and energy diagnostic tool we can not only check for intolerances like most tests we can also test for potential allergens (not IgG or IgE) and the top 25 most beneficial foods. 


- Food Allergies, Intolerances and Top 25 most beneficial foods (1200 Items)

Includes many types of grains, nuts, meats,  fruits, vegetables, preservatives and additives. 


- Environmental Allergies and Intolerances (190 items)

Including many types of animal danders, trees, grasses, and pollens.


-  Nutritional Imbalances (80 items)

Including vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, omegas and amino acids.


- Metals and Minerals (60 Items) 

Including all major minerals such as aluminum, tin, copper and lead

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