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Welcome to Raw Renewal Energy

We believe that subtle changes can make a profound difference

We understand through biblical scriptures that God is the power source that fills the entire universe. Through this power, everyone and everything is energetically connected. It is this energy that our practitioners connect with to help you release the negative energies that can limit the ability of finding a healthy, happy, and abundant life. We are here to help you renew life's hope!


Lisa Ramos

Lisa Ramos is the lead practitioner and co-owner of Raw Renewal Energy, she also is the co-creator of the Global Energy Method™ which is a fully accredited energy healing modality heavily developed with psychological practices.  


Lisa is a certified, experienced Emotion Code and Body Code, practitioner. She is a Reiki Master, Professional Life Coach, Law of Attraction Life Coach, Transformational Life Coach, and co-creator of the Global Energy Method Software (GEMS). 


In addition to her vast certifications and experience in natural healing modalities, Lisa's educational background is in the field of psychology. She currently holds a Master's of Science in Psychology with distinction in Health Psychology degree and is in the midst of her Ph.D. Program with a focus on emotional awareness/regulation. 


However, she often says that all of that was the easy part.  Lisa believes her true experience comes from personal life experiences and the relationship she has built with thousands of clients during her years of service. It is this hands-on experience that she finds most helpful.

Stone Tower
“By faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible.” 

- Hebrews 11:3 ESV

our Services

Subtle Changes that can make a Profound Difference

We are able to help you to make the shift toward positive differences. Often it is the little things we overlook that can cause the most damage. We can't change the past but we can heal from it!  At Raw Renewal Energy we are trained and experienced in identifying the needs of the body, mind, and spirit. Let us help you identify the small things that will change the rest of your life.


Energy Sessions

Energy Session with Raw Renewal Energy are done by email proxy using the Global Energy Method. These appointments fill up quickly, book yours today!


Global Energy

Rigo and Lisa Ramos of Raw Renewal Energy Healing are the creators of the Global Energy Method. This is a comprehensive, evolving, energy healing modality that couples with psychology and personalized nutrition. 



Energy work completed by Lisa Ramos and Raw Renewal Energy Healing is not a substitute for medical care or consultation. It is a supportive and integrative system for the intention of being complementary to treatment by a licensed health care provider. Raw Renewal Energy Healing does not diagnose, treat, or cure. Please consult your physician for diagnosis or treatment.

To read the full policies, procedures, right, liabilities, privacy policy, and other legal components click HERE.

Reading, watching, participating, and purchasing products or services is expressed agreement to these policies. 

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