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Coaching week

Attract only your ideal clients, master your messaging and increase your sales

March 14th - 18th - Live in a private Facebook group @ 4 Pm Pacific each day - Only $27!

(Can't attend live? No problem...You'll get access to all the replays!)

Before I tell you about this life changing coaching week, let me tell you who it is for...

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You're a heart-centered Emotion Code or Body Code practitioner and you love reaching out to people who are hurting, but all the business stuff that comes with it is just plain overwhelming. You've been trying your hardest to find clients that make you light up inside but so far it's been a bit of a struggle. You are longing to push the easy button and reach more of your ideal clients, speak the language they understand and....let's face it make a good living in the process. 

Whether you're ...

- someone going through the certification process wanting to give your business a running start, build confidence in your messaging, learn techniques for getting people to buy without the sales pitches, and get crystal clear of your business path.  


- a new practitioner that wants to trade overwhelm for empowerment, dial in your messaging so that even your Christian friends are accepting of your new venture or just hate sales and want to learn how to get your ideal clients to come to you. 

- an experienced practitioner feeling burnt out and wanting to spice up your business, wanting to trade working with difficult clients for choosing whom you work with, or want to turn your side gig into a six-figure income. 

You're in the right place...

and I'm going to tell you exactly how this coaching week is going to help you get your schedule booked with only your ideal clients, how to break through the feelings of intimidation, open up confidence, dial in your skills as a practitioner and build a thriving Emotion Code or Body Code practice. You're not alone my friend! Let's get this amazing healing method out to the world together!

By the end of this 5 day coaching week,
You will know :

This event will be happening from March 14th - 18th, 2022 live in a private Facebook group at Noon Pacific each day. 
(Can't attend live? No problem...You'll get access to all the replays!)

Sign up today for just $27


What are people saying about coaching week?

So glad you asked...
Meet Cherie Jackson.

Cherie has developed a unique healing modality called metaphysical coding using healing frequency codes for deep energy work/healings. She is also a verified healer through IICT.

Cherie's specialty is subconscious guided work that allows for expansive work without conscious interruption. 


Meet Nicola Rubio.

Nicola is the owner of Sirona Energy Healing. She is multi-talented in quite a few energy modalities and now trained in the Global Energy Method. She specializes in birth trauma, the introduction of a new baby for existing children and anxiety/anger/trauma. 


Meet Bobbie Hively. 

Bobbie is the owner of Naturally Vibrant Health. She is quite talented and dedicated to providing Energy healing to this hurting world. Bobbie has 20 years of experience, has worked with countless different ailments with a primary focus on digestion and the endocrine system.   

Lisa has been instrumental in my energy healing business!
I started off as a client of hers and soon knew that God wanted me to leave the corporate world and start my own business. She was there every step of the way helping to answer all my questions, big or small. All the little things are what helped me build a successful business in just months! Thanks to Lisa I was confident when completing my client certification sessions and answering all of the questions those clients had for me. I am so grateful for the knowledge and encouragement she shared. Thank you Lisa!
Kristin Carlson - Hands On Energy Healing

Presented by Lisa Ramos,
Founder & CEO of Raw Renewal Energy.

Lisa is an Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner as well as a Christian Reiki Master, Manifestation and Law of Attraction Master, Transformational Life coach, business coach, and has a Master's Degree in Health Psychology. 

Lisa has helped countless people heal their emotional and physical pain with her energetic healing skills, but she is most proud of the other practitioners who have followed in her footsteps to make a difference worldwide. Lisa often says "We must support each other so that we can reach out into this hurting world". 

During this event, Lisa will share the proven strategies that has made her business successful and catapulted it from a side gig she loved to an international enterprise in just two short years!. 

This channel is coming soon!
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